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DNA 200 Box Mods

Lately there have been a whole heap of new DNA 200 box mods coming onto the market. I have been looking at several on the market and I am not sure which one to get. I quite like the look of the Lavabox by Volcano and also the VT200 by Hcigar. I won't be spending any money on one yet until more of them are released.

If you are unsure, there is a good list of all the DNA 200 box mods at vaping360 here: http://vaping360.com/dna-200-box-mods/

PAX 2 and Series 7 Vaporizers

I have just been vaping the V2 Pro Series 7 and the PAX 2 vaporizers. I am absolutely loving both and they are both completely different to one another. The series 7 is a 3in1 device meaning it can vape e-liquids, dry herbs and waxes using separate carts. they slot in nice and easily with a magnet. The series 7 also has 3 different voltages and temperatures for dry herb and e-liquids respectively. I'd say the series 7 is probably better for e-liquids and waxes whilst the PAX2 can only do dry herbs. For dry herbs the PAX 2 is a lot better imo as it features some very advanced technology as well as being designed solely for dry herbs. Check out the two reviews of them both from Vaping360 for more info:


Below is a decent review on the series 7 and its e-liquid function.

The New Vaporfi Vox 50 Mini Box Mod

I recently treated myself to the Vox II Mini box by Vaporfi. For those who don't know what it is, the Vox is a 50W mini box mod. This means it is capable of sub ohming so it can use the new Kanger subtank and the Aspire Atlantis! I want to get myself the Atlantis at some point soon.

At the moment im using the Bolt RDA, which came as part of the starter kit. It is an RDA which means you have to build your own coils. Check out this great vid on sub ohm vaping for a good introduction. It took me a while to make my coil, but I got there in the end. They werent the best, but I'll give it another go at some point to see if I can actually build some better coils. I wouldnt recommend building coils if you do not know what you are doing. You need the right batteries and hardware and safety is paramount.

I love the Vox II itself, and it also vapes the Rebel II tank I have really well. It fits nicely in your hand and looks sick. I would recommend the Vaporfi Volt with the VOX II.

Check out this Vaporfi Vox II review to see it in action and for more info!

You can purchase the Vox 50 here.

What am I Currently Vaping? :)

I am currently vaping this absolute beauty of an APV. It is the new Vaporfi Rebel II and comes with two batteries, a mini 750mAh and a larger 2800mAh! The housing is telescopic so you can adjust it to match the battery you have in. It is also varibale voltage which means you can choose whatever you want and produce some massive clouds. The tank is basically a Aspire Nautilus with some slight modifcations, I think the drip tip is different. The tank comes with airflow control as well as juice flow control, which is really sweet.

The vape production is ridiculous even on 4V which is my preferred setting. It is quite weighty and isn't cheap, but you know with Vaporfi you will get a one year warranty and awesome customer service so thats why I buy from them. I once had a dodgy atomizer and they shipped me 3 new ones free of charge, awesome.

If you want to get the Rebel II check it out here and get an automatic 12% discount through this link.

How to Save Money Vaping

In this article I want to share some tip on how to save you some money when vaping.

Buy Online
To get the best deals I would definitely shop online. I do love also going to vape shops and socialising there but I find shopping online you can really shop around and get a good deal. Shipping is now so fast these days you can order online and get your e-cigarettes the next day. My vapor store for instance do some really good deals on all types of ecigs. They do minis, egos, mods, RDAs and e-liquids at very great prices. Have a shop around and no doubt you can get some great deals online.

E-Cig Giveaways
This Reddit thread has tonnes of great giveaways and most are really easy to apply to. There is almost a giveaway every other day so keep applying and one day you might win! There are some great e-juice giveaways on that thread as well by some up and coming brands so keep your eye out.

Purchasing in Bulk
So once you have found the right equipment and e-juice for you I would recommend buying things in bulk. Many websites and shops will offer discounts if you buy in larger quantities. When I get my e-liquids I tend to buy 5-6 at least in one go to save some money. If you are a heavy vaper then take a look at a monthly e-liquid subscription with something like zamplebox who send you a mix of e-liquids every month. This works out a lot cheaper if you are a heavy vaper but it has the downside of not being able to choose your flavours.

E-Cigarette Coupons
Lastly if you are buying from a big brand don't forget to check for discount codes that will give you a percentage off. I have found some with up too 40% off sometimes so it is definitely worth a look. These guys have a good selection of e-cig discounts to choose from. If that doesn't work be sure to google whatever you are buying and the coupon code after it. 


Some funny Vaping Memes